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Deep Silence!!!!

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Silent Tears..!

The laughter turned in silent tears, our crisp talk turned into arguments, when I couldn't figure out the expressions before but I now I can see them.
I could see love but the toxic words made me feel so scared, it never gave me the chance to understand who you were really, I just couldn't find a way to understand you. I never knew that the silence would bring it this far, I'm so sorry it's completely my fault, my silence misunderstood your thoughts and misinterpreted some of the actions as well, the silence has done greater damage.
The silence created the inner roar and ragging arrogance deep within me, I learned that silence is not transparent it's opaque, it doesn't reflect it just leads you to a meaningless end.
The arrogance has never felt its consequences, the aggressive roars meowed, for the time being, the gasping breath of tears was laid softly on the pillow on the late-night hours.
The silence of peace never mended the broken pieces, this silence realized it is not a silence of peace but the silence meant to hideaway from all the fears it had gone through.
This silence needs a let out from everything from body, mind, and soul.
The damage of silence was never a dream or a nightmare it was just hidden in the darkness for a very long time. this is how the silence destroyed me.

© 2021 Daniel R

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