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Decieved and Betrayed

Kari thinks life is a miraculous thing. As we get older we get smarter, and find out how little we know. An oxymoron? Maybe.

It's all they can do to keep lambs alive

It's all they can do to keep lambs alive


Dimensions deceived, lives led astray.

They say hope is dead, greed wins the day.

Sheep all now follow, trustful as lambs,

Capering and cavorting to the wolves buffet.

Too Trusting

I feel we are a little too trusting with our government. People are people no matter where they work. And some people lie and cheat. Am I just more aware of the lying and cheating done in Congress and the White House because of the news?


Divergence abhorred, keep in line, keep in line.

Follow the path, alone - not entwined.

Others are strange, keep away, keep away;

Paranoia seems to seep through our mind.


We are fed news every minute of every day. And it is almost always bad news. The news makes everyone else seem to be conniving and dangerous. If you watch enough news, paranoia will start seeping into your soul.

Keep in line, keep in line

Keep in line, keep in line


Fed fear and hate to keep them apart,

Their stewards ingesting their souls and their hearts.

Laughing curs feast on the poor sheep’s entrails,

Other sheep turn blind eyes, denying their parts.

Not My Fault

Funny how everything that happens is someone else's fault. It's not our fault that people do not get along. Someone else voted for that politician we all dislike . . . or, we weren't the only ones who voted.


Each sheep just trying hard to survive;

It’s all they can do to keep lambs alive.

Wolves cut the herd and devour the strays.

Divide and digest is what they contrive.


Sheep disremembering the bond of their whole,

Believing wolves' lies, deceiving their souls.

Dangerous strays, (different than we),

Chaos must be their ultimate goal.

Doing What We Must

We all are doing what we must to live. We work all day to go home and be with our families. Homework, dinner, dishes, chores, cuddling, relaxing . . . after all this there is a minuscule amount of energy left to care about what is happening in the government. But, bad things can happen to those who don't care.

Do not believe our government when it says that other people are different. We all need clean air, clean water, and shelter. How different can we be?


"Hurray for the stewards!", the sheep all proclaim,

"They cull out the different before they can maim.

Keeping us safe in our beds and our land,

We slumber secure knowing all are the same."


We think we are safe and that our government is looking out for us, but really it is teaching us hate. Speaking in generalities hurts people. Unlike what our government thinks, all Mexican are not rapists and thieves. All Muslims are not terrorists.

We are more alike than we are different. We must embrace our sameness and learn from each other. We cannot let some people get labeled dangerous just because of where they are from or what they look like. We must overcome our fears and stick together.

We are allowing many types of surveillance to be used "against criminals". How long until we are the criminals?

In Plain Sight

With wool over their eyes, denying their sight,

While wolves in sheep’s clothing are coming to light.

The ones they so trusted were not who they thought,

Deceivers, impostors, not shining white knights.


In the last several years it has become increasingly obvious that many in our government are only there to make government work for them. I do not feel many are working for the everyday person, the person living paycheck to paycheck.


The strong had been taken, strays they'd been called,

All protectors destroyed while sheep held enthralled.

Fed fear and hate to keep them apart,

Their stewards ingested their souls and their hearts.


Unwitting pawns in a game played for greed,

The sheep allowed the wolves to succeed.

Sheep now are subject, abridged and controlled.

Wishing for safety, their freedom they sold.

Where Are We Going?

I hope the end never becomes true, but I think it becomes more true every day. We need to be careful with our freedom and not give it up either through fear or ignorance.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are coming to light.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are coming to light.

© 2019 Kari Poulsen