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Writer and a poet. Most poems were lyrical. A dedicated writer with published ebooks on a social media platform.


She was young and fragile;
Lonely and crying all the while;
Jimmer gave her life,
until he will die.

Promise not to leave her;
Stay forever whatever will be;
Happiness been in her heart;
Hoping he'll never depart.

Everyday has been butterflies;
Sorrounds her with daffodils;
Laughters under the sky;
Love that will always shine.

But happiness is hard to achieve,
if sorrows sorround her instead;
Can't fight the feeling;
Until she saw he was leaving.

Changes had always been constant;
Goodbyes he gave her instant;
Six months from heaven,
and now falling to hell.

Night maybe turned to nightmares;
Days might turn to insanity;
Mending might be forever;
For the fallacy he gave her.

© 2019 Makatang Pilipina

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