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Death to an Angel

Empathy or Compassion and very vague Dark Fantasy. Or would you prefer simplicity? Lets go tell a tale...


The moon, broken, barely visible behind the clouds

Cold damp wind blowing chaos all over

Underneath the cliff, where the forest lies,

Bright little eyes popped up every now and then,

Thick grey fog and barely audible sounds,

Rustling leaves, timid footsteps, beating wings when all of a sudden

A terrible cry echoed out amidst the howling winds…

The sky fell silent as the winds came to a still

Death has made his appearance over the horizon

Slowly but surely the hooded figure started making way for the cliff.

The Devil slowly opened his eyes in the depths of tartarus

Another murder, he chuckled to himself

An ever so beautiful soul came out of the forest

Her dark blue eyes, dazed and confused

As she slowly came over to the cliff she noticed the hooded figure standing in silence

Is this how death is? she asked

Death looked at her, an amused glint in his eyes,

Clearly he was enjoying her confusion.

But time was of the essence, so

Death took a step forward and slowly extended his hand

Come my dear, it’s time for us he said.

Death it was of there was no doubt to the soul

But was his voice supposed to be this kind? she pondered

She raised her hand ever so slowly and placed it against Death’s palm

Warmth flowed through her hands from his

Slowly her confusion cleared away and she moved forward to embrace death even more firmly

Death smiled and whispered

“Eternity awaits my dear”

As Death spread his jet black wings and flew away

A dark rose bloomed beneath where he stood

The winds blew again with more chaos than ever

As Death slowly faded away in the horizon I walked out of the forest

There stood the Devil before me as I said

The sin is mine

And the forest echoed…