Death so Lovely

Death so Lovely

"Death So Lovely"

At last, death so lovely
Where is thy sting
Lying in a shallow grave
Surrounded by nothing

Ah, the uncommon peace of death
As I lie here calm and composed
This shell of a body let out its last breath
Remaining forever as it were posed

With decaying arms crossed
Withered hands at the shoulders
The funerary attire embossed
Through which the stench of death will smolder

I've lived and loved
Laughed and cried
But alas my love
I have ultimately died

The cause of death
A scarred and broken heart
But you will continue to live
And with another make a new start

Survived by the flowing words I wrote
The pen my last and only legacy
As this decaying body begins to bloat
Say farewell and move on without me

My soul is happy now in life eternal
No longer haunted by pains of the flesh
Remember to publish my life long journal
This will aid you in starting afresh

A fortune laid bare
Of poetry and prose
This, my last gift
My love for words as a rose

Alas, death so lovely, where is thy sting


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