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Death by Love

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.


Will you come home and take me back?

I have always done everything you wish

Please, my heart can’t take another attack

All I beg for is your comforting touch and your mesmerizing kiss

No, don’t do that, don’t pick up your bags to leave

When I said I love you, what about it you don’t believe?

Have I not been good to you in so many ways?

Weren’t I the one who helped you back on your feet when you crashed along the four ways?

How can you be so bitter to me when all I have given is my all?

I have swum oceans for you, scaled every high wall

Don’t turn your back on me now when I need you the most

Let go off that door handle and keep it close

My love is not a toy, yet it can be so fragile

I hurt real hard, when you told me he spent the night

Wait, am I dreaming? This is a dream right?

After all, our love is destined to last an eternity, so what you are saying could never be right.

Stop saying those bad words, I just refuse to believe

That you both are in love and all you want to do is leave

So what about me, who cares how I feel?

You just can’t trample on my heart that way and flee

I am sorry it has to come down to this.

But if you will not be mine, then for no one else you will.

I will take you with me to that place where we can spend eternity together

Where our souls overlap and you will belong to me and never another

I have two bullets, one for you and one for me

Bang! Bang! Two souls lost to a bitter love story

© 2017 Clive Williams

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