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Death and I

Viscus, the God of Wraiths and Death.

Viscus, the God of Wraiths and Death.

95 degrees on a beautiful Summer’s day,

Yet I feel a chill in the air that the heat cannot keep at bay.

The Gloom, the Chill, I know these signs well,

My darkness, my sadness, my guide through Hell.

I know this presence for he has always passed me by,

He takes others I know to leave me alone to cry.

My time will come, and I wait my turn ready,

Therefore, he avoids me, for my soul is steady.

I sense him when he is near, then I get word someone has passed on,

One day we will meet again sir, and I will still be strong.

Whatever you believe, none of it matters,

We all have a special day coming, should we be flattered?

I admit that I am, he came for me before.

I defeated him then, not just once but a score!

Now that I am grown up and stronger than before,

He tries to break my spirit down by taking more and more.

He fails to understand that I accept this as a part of life,

I look forward to my time, either day, or night.

For when it is my time and I meet the Angel of Death once more,

I will take his skeletal hand in mine as he leads me through the door.

The light will fade behind me and the darkness engulf my soul,

Sadness and pain will fade and now I pay my toll.

The toll is paid in full, my body and mind no longer sore,

Guess what sir, it’s over, you can cause me pain, NO MORE!

© 2018 Kevin C Davison

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