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Death Today, Blessings Tomorrow


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All she needed for her

Work has been gotten except

One and was invited by a friend

This international friend she met

When she was in her

Country with the non-governmental organization

It has been a while

They see each other and

She missed her so dearly

Thus, she invited her over

For an international function that

Would take place in another country

News of SARS-2 has been

On social media and people

Have been cautioned on traveling

Her parents and fiancé talked

To her about the trip

That she should cancel it

The red flag has been

Raised by world health organization

And other health agencies ‘cross globe

She brushed it aside as

One of those things for

Red flags are raised daily

In addition to it that she

Was desperate to get that thing

Which would make her work balanced

She wants to get it over with

So that she would be

Able to step up in life

When her fiancé and others

Discovered that she’s made up

Her heart on the trip, they withdraw

They left her to satisfy

Her heart longings on her

Pursuits committing her unto Lord’s hands

She was like a deaf dog about

To get lost that would not

Yield to the hunter’s whistles neither calls

She got to the place,

Met her friend, they really had

Nice time together at the international summit

They relive the past together, it

Was memorable time for both

Young women. They were full of life

She got what she came for,

Uploaded those messages to her work

Sent it through email to her supervisor

It was approved and she did the

Work there, sending it by courier to

The department and management.

For she did not have it in

Mind returning to her country after

The international summit she left for another summit

It is an opportunity that must not

Slip her by she reasoned. It was

There she got infected with covid-19

She was isolated after testing

Positive to the disease and

Would not be allowed to return home

She eventually did not return

To her country alive. Though her

Work was in order as it has been reviewed

She has been graded and was

Said to be the best among all

Candidates that submitted their works

And she won 10 million dollars

But she was not able to receive

The price, it was given to her parents

Her parents while receiving the

Price says, “this has been her

Dream, she has worked all her days for this

But death has prevented her from

Reaping the reward of her labor

It is a pity. Wiping the droplets of tears away

They were helped off the

Stage by the people, and fiancé watching

On television was crying profusely.

Note: SARS-2 means Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 2 now called Covid-19.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on March 29, 2020:

@BRENDA ARLEDGE I appreciate this ma

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 28, 2020:

Wow! This is definitely food for thought.

It is si sad that she didn't live long enough to see her work goal accomplished.

Great write.

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