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Darkness Surrounds Her

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Turing all she sees is darkness

no matter which way she looks.

Darkness is all around her,

it buries her in its claws of despair.

Torturing her till she cannot breathe,

wrapping her up is a dark blank.

Burying her alive till she has no

way to escape what is happening.

Breaking her down to her knees,

making her explode with anger and fear.

Making her wish for it herself,

losing everyone that is closest to her.

Burning her up from the inside out,

darkening her soul and her spirit.

Darkness surrounds her and makes

her wish for an end to all the pain.

Losing herself and her mind,

breaking her down to beyond repair.

Not knowing where to go or,

how to come back from such a dark place.

© 2020 Emily