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Death Is an Undefeated Opponent

Jason is new to writing poetry. So far, he's only writing sad poems.

Thoughts about my mortality are setting in

Thoughts about my mortality are setting in

It brings much sadness

Another friend gone

I hear about someone’s death so frequently, anymore

A family member, someone from social media

The nice lady at our gym

One of my favorite musicians

It didn’t use to be like this

Time moves on

I realize that fact

Just because I understand it doesn’t mean I accept it

I worry about myself

I worry about my Bride

I worry about our dog

I worry for our kids

I worry

Every odd random pain

They happen all the time now

I shouldn’t eat the things I eat

I shouldn’t drink the things I drink

Life is a balance, deprivation, boring

Am I halfway to the end?

Two thirds? A week away?

Death has never lost, not even once

I’ve outgrown religion

A conscious afterlife seems unlikely

I’m brought to tears thinking I’ll never see my children again

That I won’t be able to watch them from elsewhere

I’m too logical to think there’s more after this

I hate the thought of death closing in

I love living

I love to laugh

I love my family and the joy we share daily

I must focus on making the most of the time we have

Still, I am scared

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