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Death Is A Doleful Art

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Ali is a young writer who lives in Manila, Philippines. She has the heart for words and soul for poetry.


Laying in the green grass in the clearing
Wearing the ripped white dress soaked with sweat
A plethora of dolorous fragments lay with her
A spiteful countenance she had

Sad girl
Ignominious woman
Always chastising the world for her lost
In a malady for a fortnight

Sans skin at the back
Exposing her spine
Man eat her nakedness
Leaving the bones for dogs

A cynic and misanthrope
She did not belong to this world
Everywhere she floats
Dissociated with her soul

Cold breeze stiff her neck bones
Closing her eyes, she found solace
In the clearing she lay softly and quietly
Death is a doleful art

© 2019 Ani

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