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Death, Despair, and Hope

The Emperor, the Harbinger of Death

Somewhere deep in the unknown

Hides a strange little creature

So little, invisible to the naked eye

But nobody thought

This little creature would one day come

Like an emperor ready to conquer

Bringing terror to the world.

The emperor approached me, with head full of crowns

I feel suffocated, unable to calm down

Thinking to myself what is happening to me

While wishing this reality is just one of a dream, this nightmare to end

And so I strengthen my will,

My body starts to blaze

Feeling hot and cold

While looking at the aloof little emperor

Not knowing what to do as I cough blood

And the pressure burrying me to the ground

And thinking wishful thinking

Like another day, I'll soon die

Lately realizing his just but a little emperor,

But I have God.

About the poem

This poem is about the covid virus which brings terror to the whole world making all things to become new. This poem also shows the perspective of being a covid patient, being helpless, their fate either good or bad but we just need to have faith and leave everything to God.

World of Whites

When your breathing relaxes

And all you can see

Are the endless sea of white flowers

People in black holding white chrysanthemum

Tears caressing their faces

And only you realize they're looking

At your sleeping flesh.

Alas, time goes too fast

To prepare for this, to leave your dearest ones

Only to wait and wait

As the flesh rot

Coming back to the cold rough ground

Of the world where you were first born.

About the poem

This poem is about death. The perspective of a dead person looking at his/her own grave. Maybe with regrets or something i may not know. This poem is dedicated for those people who passed away due to covid.

The Eclipse

When half the sun rose in midnight skies

Bloodlust respawns, moon closes its eyes

The tales of the past, they've awaken

As demons rampages, seals all broken

Then comes the wicked laughter of the winds

As the anguish cries of silence blends.

Oh forest of death, why always play

With life that will most likely wither away.

Oh chilly night, why tear blood?

As darkness shrouded by darkness of clouds

Gather ye roses of agony why ye may

Forlorn sent of lilac remembered o'er hope led astray.

About the poem

This poem depicts the struggles of the people around the world. Losing hope, despair gnawing the hearts of each one of us. Losing jobs, their love ones, helpless situation of the poor, lack of food etc. is happening in every corner of the world. Lets help one another for the better world.

Before Dawn

I see a silk, or like a waterfall

Its color like that of the midnight skies

The luster brilliance of the star

Shone along with the lazy new moon

Until days passed, shocked

Of the new changes

Where there shone a half moon

Only it has black luster in it

Like a waterfall stopped midway

Giving a new feeling, a new look

Something changes

Somewhere also changes

And there will be a feeling

Of being struck by lightning of epiphany.

T'was a call of minute

Awoken from the stupor,

But hours seemed to pass like a few seconds

Only I've realized that

The deeper you delve into the night,

The easier it is to watch the dawn with both eyes closed.

© 2020 DawnToDusk