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Mom, Maa, Mumm or Mumma

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Dear Mumm...

Mom,Maa, Mumm or Mumma,

Just one person and some many names,

But the way you play all the roles,

You deserve that fame!!

Yes some people call you "Aai",

Cuz of the way you unite the family with a love filled the,

Yes, you are also called "Amma" at times,

and the kind of bond we share is just like sugar and lime!

I know at times, our arguments turns into fights,

But it all gets cool down after getting the hugs that are tight!

Yes, We go through ups and downs,

Where we laugh together and together we frown..

Well it all goes on, have understood the fact,

Cuz what we share is a deep bond and not a legal pact!

So yeah, Mom, Maa, Mumm or Mumma,

That's all the name you have,

But the all in one superwoman is what I have!!!

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