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Dear My Future Husband

A poem that was written for the women out there who are hoping for marriage and for love to find them.


To you, Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I hope that when I finally meet you

You are everything I dreamed of and more

I hope that when we fall in love it will be love like we never seen before

I pray that our marriage will stand the test of time

Wishing that in God's grace that I will be yours and you will be mine

I have faith that you will exemplify a good man

I know that you will be exactly what I desire

Displaying love that will have others inspired

I hope that you will bring joy in my direction

That my love is not rejected

And that I won't have to yearn for your affection

I hope that you have a smile that brightens the world

That when you introduce me to your loved ones

You'll introduce me as your woman and not your girl

I want you to awake me with a soft kiss each day the I rise

When I look at you I'll want to see more than just a man but a man of integrity, heart, strength, hope, faith, and drive

I want to feel your soul through just a single touch

And I want you to be assured that I will give you every inch of my love

Future Husband, please be aware

That my love is immense

Though, not too much to bear

Sometimes it won't make sense

But please trust the process

I pray for you day in and day out

May God Bless you with prosperity, keep his palms over you, and hold you near

That he'll release your greatest abilities, your talents and remove your fears

I pray that God will provide you with mass strength

That your capabilities have no length

I ask Lord, that you give my husband the power in you to achieve everything he pursue

And that he'll keep his everlasting faith in you

I want people to know what real love is like

Cause I don't believe love has been "real" like this in this thing we call life

So it is essential that they know that love is not a gimmick;

That true love can be given if you keep God first and stick with it

So Future Husband I say to you

That my love here is true

And my dedication to this relationship is authentic

I don't know what the future holds for my life

But I'm hopeful as long as you and God are in it

Dear Future Husband, I need you to know

That I love you with my heart and my soul

I hope that our marriage be everything it needs to be

To show the world just why we were brought together in unity


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