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I Miss You Mom; Love, Your Special Angel

We all go through 'stuff'; great stuff, good stuff, bad stuff, sad stuff... whatever we are going through, we never give up, never give in


Tomorrow Doesn't Always Come

Do you still have your Mom, your Dad, living here on earth?

Are they living here on earth, but not really a part of your life?

When is the last time that you let them know, how much you love them, appreciate them, honor them...when is the last time you thanked your Mom for giving life to you?

As we all know, a baby conceived doesn't necessarily make it out of the womb and into this world - alive!

Do we thank the Moms, who unselfishly give life to us, enough!

I would suggest, no we do not, not nearly enough!

I thought my Mom would live into her 90's, as her Mom had. She was sharp, focused and although arthritis was slowing her down, it hadn't stopped her.

She seemed to have so much life left in her!

She had a fall in the night and broke her shoulder, a trip to the hospital identified an underlying issue, much, much more serious than a few fractures in her shoulder.

Emergency surgery was recommended and then another was required and then another was required...and it was just too much!

She fought with all she had, for as long as she could; but as a result of multiple surgeries and the fact that she was put on a ventilator and couldn't be weaned off of it, she lost the fight!

She had made her requests known long ago, she did not want to be kept alive by artificial means.

I did thank her multiple times for giving life to me!

I thanked her for feeding me, clothing me, protecting me and I apologized for all of the times that I thought I knew best.

I knew there were things she wanted to say to me, but couldn't; she communicated with her eyes and I understood.

God knows we butted heads at times!


Don't put it off til tomorrow or until your Mom (Dad, Step-Parent, Guardian, loved/cherished one) is on their death bed.

Tomorrow doesn't always come!

Special Angel

Your Special Angel (a Poem)

I missed your call in March, you and Dad singing Happy Birthday, as lovingly as can be telling me once again, one more time, did I know that, 'You Are My Special Angel', was written just for me!

Catching up over the phone all at one time, because neither one of us are ones to endlessly gab on

But knowing you will never again be at the other end, has me longing to pick up the telephone

Naturally, I have so many regrets...did you get over my stubborn, hard-headed days

My thinking I always knew best, not always with nor in...very loving ways

Did I tell you enough that I loved you?

Did I let you know that I valued you and always knew that you cherished me too?

I thought we'd have more time, we had plans, remember - we were always making a plan

It's so different now, knowing that you are gone, but I am moving on without you, the best that I can

I am a strong, independent woman, with a mind of my own, no doubt... that's me

I wouldn't be who I am, without two incredible parents, who taught me how to be

Dad is lost without you, he is taking the time and space he needs, as we know, he should

But, we are all encouraging him to come and visit and that a trip to the beach, will do him so much good

Mother's Day will always be tough; we will reminisce, sob a little and we will think of you

This letter to you, me spilling out my heart ~ will have to suffice, it will have to do

If not for you, I wouldn't be spending time with my children and my grands, on such a special day in May

I will see you one day in heaven and we will catch up once again, I know we will gab on once again, we'll have so much to say

Now, you are my special angel, I will always think of you when I hear our song

Birthdays and Holidays will also be hard, but I will carry on and work at, being strong

Until then Mom, I love you, thank you for giving life to me

I will try to live up to what Motherhood means and always strive to be the very best person, that I was always taught, how to be

© 2021 A B Williams

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