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Dear Judy 2

Mote Anita Ojei is a creative writer, highly talented and professional. She is a graduate in English and also a media personnel.

Dear Judy 2 (Model Kelicha)


Dear Judy 2

Our story has become a sad long one

So sad it made me cry John

Am not teary for the marriage that couldn't work out

But for the time and years I wasted with you.

Sometimes in life, we make a very grave mistake

So dire that it could put our lives in stake

And all my life I have always let God do the leading

But with you, I was ahead of God, what a pity.

Growing up in a dysfunctional home

Mum had to raise us alone

We were brought up as Christians

And it has helped me through this years.

Then you came along

And with you was where I belong

You were a broken man from a broken home

It didn't matter to me for i knew we would make a great home

But on the night to my wedding

My mum came to me at the balcony

My sweet baby Judy

Are you sure he would forever be your honey

We both have similar backgrounds, i replied

So we would never try to leave each other side

Mum smiled, two wrongs don't make a right

But those words didn't sink well that night

John, our marriage was hell on earth

You changed or maybe the real you emerged

We fight at every little thing

Making it look we were in a ring

I knew you were cheating also

I saw the messages on your phone

Agnes, Mirabel, Janice, Nancy

The names of those girls in my head won't just go

It hurt really, it really did

Lying you were travelling but knowing you were with one of them

I cried all night, all night indeed

That was when I realised God wasn't with me the whole time

Why did you ever do that, was I not attractive to you anymore?

Why did you break my heart, was I already a bore

The day you hit me, was the height of it all

You said all those years I never contributed anything to your life

I looked at you as you watched me hit my back against the wall

Yours words pierced like knife

I cried to God for direction

I didn't know where my life was heading

All my life I'd crave for a marriage full of affection

But sadly I knew my marriage was ending

I swallowed my pride and told my mum all that I've been through

With tears she hugged me blaming me for what I went into

Have you read Mathew five thirty two?

She said looking at me very deeply

Some marriage are savable Judy

But yours ain't one

If I were you, I would leave that marriage quickly

And pray to God for that special one.

The day I made up my mind to leave

You planted on my cheek a kiss

As though you knew, it was going to be the last

Hot tears rushed down my cheeks

Now I've found that special one

That special man from a perfect home

And yes he makes me laugh

Gives me the things you never had —LOVE

John, I've never been happier

I'm sorry, I can't leave him for you

You have become my past dear boo

Thank you for making me stronger

Thank you for making me a better person

And I'm sure you've nothing to thank me for

Since I've never contributed anything in your life

As I write this, I see you walking into the house I used to call home.

Am not stalking you, just want to have a last look of you.

I wish you the best and pray you find that special someone.