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Dear Judy

Mote Anita Ojei is a creative writer, highly talented and professional. She is a graduate in English and also a media personnel.

The first day I set my eyes on you

You were young, innocent and cool

And I was a broken man, filled with deceit

So discrete and incomplete

But I wanted to make you my wife

Because I loved you and needed you in my life

And when we got married, I tried to be the best

the best man you couldn't detest

I tried to be responsible enough

But as time went by, it became a bluff

I never stopped loving you

I never stopped caring too

But I missed the chase, i miss the girls

Just for fun and for my lustful pleasure yearns

And like you preach sometimes

You cannot serve God and mammon

True, because that was the beginning of our issues

Most pain we go through in life is the result of what we choose.

Judy, our marriage became more of quarrels than affection

And sometimes I hear you pray to God for direction

Direction to where? I would yell

If you want to leave, you can go to hell

And you would cry yourself to sleep

While i play with my phone hoping it lures me to sleep.

Judy I know you knew I wasn't faithful

How painful it is and shameful

I was assured you wouldn't dare be unfaithful

You were a church girl and it is against the Bible.

I was Foolish I know

Foolish i hurt you so

Foolish I let the devil into our home

Foolish I let him take control.

And the day I hit you hard

You broke down in tears calling me a retard

You threatened to leave me

And all I did was laugh

I noticed you were unhappy in our home

And sometimes the thought of it made me feel sad and alone

Wondering the kind of husband I'd become.

Coming home one day, I was welcomed by a sudden Emptiness

Your luggage was gone, so were you

I was speechless for a moment but fretting was pointless

For i knew you would come back to your boo

But days turned into weeks, weeks into months

And my Judy, you weren't back to me

I wanted to call your folks at once

But fear prevented me

I couldn't reach you at all

So I tried getting to your best friend

But she never returned my calls

Then I realised it was the end.

I suddenly came down from my high horse

Pondering and pondering why this ever happened to us

I thought of the girls that got me wasted

How I hurt my wife and all that's wasted

I regretted everything as I thought of us

But sadly you sent a paper to sign for our divorce

Now I heard you found someone new

How did this happen so fast?

Does he make you laugh like i do

Have you really made me your past?

Does he kiss you affectionately with eyes closed

Did he throw a surprised party when he proposed

I heard he's rich and a responsible man

I know he will give you what I never had

But please Judy don't marry him

Come back to me, I'm a changed man

Without you, am a broken sad man

I am begging you at whim

Dear Judy, good people are hard to find

And i regret ever letting you go