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Dear Dudette

Here's to my own and your Dudette who deserves every tinsy bit of love the world has to offer

Hey Dudette,
Lay down those heavy feelings that you get.
You don't deserve to be sad,
Let go and forget whatever problems you had.
Don't get depressed,
Hold down the grief in which you are suppressed.
You deserve better,
Than a guy who doesn't treat you as a delicate flower.
Your love is but a thing of the past,
Don't let it dry your tears to the very last.
It will come to pass,
There'd come a time you'd just laugh at what once was.
You will soon realize those tears.
Could've been of joy and not of grief.
If only you paid no heed to that thief.
Yes he stole a large piece of your heart,
But someone will come along and replace the missing part.
Someone who'll love you every day,
And is content that in his arms there only one lay.
Be there till such time you marry,
Has it in his mind that losing you is scary.
Hold you tight,
Never let you out of his sight.
Then in the end together,
Forge a happily ever after.


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