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Dear Crush


You are not my first crush, not even my second, there's been a long line long line before you. But you a different type, ( I know I have fed myself that line over ten times before) a different vibe, in a good way.

It's the way you keep swimming in my mind and I swear I have no control over that and if there was an off switch I'd probably never even try to find leave alone flip it. That smile alone not only lights up my heart but also the whole of me.
For some reason I feel like I can confide in you, like really, probably even share with you stuff I don't tell my best friend. Something about you feels just right, perfect. You are perfect.
You are not my first, but I honestly wish I had seen you earlier .
You are what I dream of on the daily, and the person I may never get tired of holding hands with . The one I wouldn't mind staring at even if it hurt. My description of perfect, the one I'd never mind breaking rules for.

I thought you should know you brighten my days in ways you wouldn't even know, make me feel like a baby at times ( alot).
.... You just don't know it yet but I promise, am working on that...

© 2022 Amani Utembu

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