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I Lost You

"Life can be fair when Life's being unfair." We can really never have it all can we?

I want you back. I need you back but I can't.

To Someone (03/13/2021)

I know you're somewhere out there.
You told me once about how you'll always be,
Looking over me but I never understand
Not until now that you're nowhere near me.

I could have asked why you never told me.
I could have cried out loud yet nothing came out.
Should I say that I'm too hurt to do so?
All I know is that my other half isn't here anymore.

I have myself looking up.
At the skies above, silently trying to tell them to give you back.
Yet it only sent dark clouds
No rain was trying to pour.

You did once told me,
"Everything will eventually become a memory."
Guess that's the reason why it's hard for you to picture
A future with me but you said it's all a huge mystery.

The last memory I have of you was hazy.
Though I recall you wearing my favorite hoodie.
At our place, the time before we fall asleep.
Woke up to your smile with your body cold wrapped around me.

It was never a goodbye.
Yet why does it hurt so much?
We made it, love.
We made it but I lost you eventually.

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