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Deadliest Savior

Just a little preview into my daily thought process. I see hope in even the worst of times and strive for it, but most of life I try to numb


Is this how are we supposed to feel?

Because life is overwhelming and sureal,

We try to peel the pain so we don't feel,

Wheels spinning round and round,

My brain is spinning into the ground,

The sound I hear makes me feel unwound,


So many years had already passed by,

Everything's a distant memory so I try,

To fly in my high mind so I can die,

O why?

But don't ask why instead ask who,

The controller of happiness is always you,

We are all 1 equal to the sun not separate in 2,

Each day ends at night and the morning brings anew,

New hopes,

New slopes,

New dreams

A new way to cope,

Numbing away the feelings by smoking dope,

© 2018 Tommy Hall

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