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Dead to Rights

I dreamed I saw an angry man
He was holding a gun in his hand
He said he would shoot anyone
Anyone who would take it away
He said it was for the people

I dreamed I saw a sad woman
She was holding her son in her hands
Somebody shot him dead that day
She looked at the angry man
“Don’t you know your gun is evil?”

He comforted her and wiped her tears
He said I’m a good man with a gun
“But a good man didn’t save my son”
He said nothing could be done
Then left to pray under a steeple

He didn’t understand her anger at him
He once had to save his own family
A man broke in, he shot him dead
But she said I’m not talking about that
“Which type of a gun is most lethal?”

He saw her after he left the church
She was standing holding a sign
He walked to her and gave her a hug
She cried in his arms and asked him
“Is my child now a brave soldier’s equal?”

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