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Dead Man Walking

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Lee is an aspiring writer who makes poems in his free time. Words and lines give him comfort in trying times.

My eyes are open, but I can't see

Unspoken words desperately trying to be free

I'm a dead man walking, scrambling

Struggling to make sense of my eternal suffering.

Can a flower grow from a dry land?

Can hope flourish amidst glorious ruins?

Can hearts shine in spite of arduous darkness?

Can a dreamer fly with broken wings?

I was once destined to be a king

Now, I sit on my throne of regrets

I'm a dead man walking, wondering

Where is this place of resets?

As the end looms in the horizon,

I hope life will sprout in my oblivion

And that all my pain won't be in vain

I'm a dead man riding, on Death's train.

© 2019 Lee Yael

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