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Dead In Heaven

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Heaven Dead

Heaven Dead

I laughed at Lucifer as he made a last swipe at my soul as I ascended in Heaven.

Gods light engulfed me bringing me up slowly

I pointed the middle finger at the devil and smiled as I left

Slowly the light took me as s baby crept

I reached up to the clouds and saw beauty unimaginable

People dressed in beautiful colors all seemed happy and cheerful

A broad smiled came upon my face as I approached the large black gate

Then a thunderous voice shouted me out and told me to step aside and wait

I watch as people passed me and all went inside

I began to get nervous and restless

Then an old man approached me and told me to follow him this way

We went into a sort of backdoor into heaven

But it did not seem glorious as entering the front

He told me that the book made a mistake and I am supposed to go down

Down to Lucifer to help balance his crown.

I cried and cried and my heart got swollen with reject

But before I could get into hell I would have to die again

Suddenly I was struck by a huge lightning bolt

I was dead in heaven to go to hell.

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