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Dazed, Bemused and Thrown Off Course

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Another day, another dollar earned

Exploring the internet to unwind and ease burdens

Becoming someone else for a while at the keyboard

Had a shock of a lifetime this afternoon on social media

Had a few nightmares that predicted similar episodes before

Find the reality even more unnerving than imagined

Strange to get a friend request from the one who dumped you

In such a cruel and childish way via text message

Knew secretly that the relationship was doomed

Just wished they carried it off in a mature fashion

What a strange way to end this Monday

Weirded out by the idea of this overture and what it meant

Definitely do not want to repeat the past

Those days long over with; no more Ms. Overly Welcoming

Making a mountain out of mole hill obviously

Analyzing all of the scenarios and skeptical of all

Nearly impossible to be friendly with someone

You're not sure you can trust even in passing

Burned so many bridges the last time

Made it hard to believe you were still standing

Shocked somewhat by their audacity and technology loopholes

Once upon a time their social media account blocked

Only to have it deactivated and have a new one circumvent it

Unbelievable so much can be taken out of one simple request

Nothing was ever so simple with them

Strings always attached; hidden from complete view

Until in the thick of a tangled and unfixable mess

An unexpected blast from outer space

To knock me off my feet and firmly hitting ground

Embarrassed and literally bruised by this turn of events

Unsure of what to make of it; not expecting anything

Fairy tale notions gone out the window nearly two years ago

Current state of the world and personal matters made it so

Been battered, bruised and put through the paces

Stuck in a transitional present and future

Caught with the realization that a simple request can just be that

It's what the receiver does with said request made all the difference

Left it untouched until a solid and adult response comes along

Not sure they deserve that, but will try to be the bigger person

Once rational thought sets in again.

Who knew what a Monday on this could mean?

Who knew what a Monday on this could mean?

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