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Days That We Remember

Are So Small To All The Days We Have Lived

I wake up and do what so many other people do

Get ready to go to work and grab a bite to eat first

Hoping that I had enough sleep

Dreaming of what it would be like to retire someday

Not having to rush off to work and leave the house every day

I could have so much free time

To do so many different things

I try each of these things now

Only to start and stop because I run out of time

I am pulled in one direction or another

Then there are situatios that come up unexpectedly

By the end of the day only a handful of things get done

Then I think back to all the years of hard work

I think of only a few that stand out

I know there are so many hidden in the shadows of the night

Some will pop into my head on occasion

Other times just seem to disappear

Like they never existed at all

Then I look at all the family memories

That could fill volumes

So maybe in some strange way

We weren't suppose to live care free

Stress free and always getting our way

It is nice to shoot for something we don't always have

Wanting a little more

Being happy with the way things have turned out

When at anytime they could be so much worse

Shutting off the t.v. and my wife finishing up her shower

Both heading to bed clean and refreshed

Listening to our quiet house

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