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Days So Tried and True


Sometimes it seems that those very bad days will never end,

All does appear to be dim and the darkest to us in every way.

Each event has a much harsher message to us it does send,

The nightly news only so hampers and is this all to our dismay.

We soon ask if there will ever be any better times for us ahead,

For we cannot go on like this, ours all to be subjected anymore.

Will there ever be that new and a happier tomorrow once again,

Just what may our lives to hold for us each, or is ours in store?


These are those times when we turn to the Bible, of its fine guidance,

The Lords Prayer, Psalms 23, my strength not chosen by any chance.

Our Lord God, is our refuge, a fortress, protecting us as in Psalms 91,

We give Him praise as in Psalms 100, in our rest, as each day is done.

The scriptures all written by the hands of men, inspired by God on high,

Give us good ways to live our lives, a daily guide, as each we do apply.

Mankind's life remains much the same, no matter transgression of time,

These precepts apply in almost every way, in providing a life so sublime.


The innocent, the small children, all are so precious in every way,

Demands our attention to the fullest, of their protection every day.

We must prepare their future, absent of any harm, as we do pray,

Then all shall each be clad in an armor, forever worn and to stay.

Mothers and fathers share a load, preparing children's future lives,

The clear and present dangers blocked so that each one so thrives.

A strongest and blessed faith, to be instilled within each one's heart,

Gives them all the sense of knowing that our God's with us, is a part.


© 2018 whonunuwho

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