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Daylight and Dust: A Poem

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"Dusk of the Earth"

"Dusk of the Earth"

I sit and watch the dusty floor

Upon which the daylight rests,

And wile away, hour on hour;

They pass me by in sets.

Through the dirt-stained window,

The gentle sunlight breaks.

Particles dance, to and fro,

As the dust awakes.

The nights grow long, and at the end

These days I spend alone.

The sun rolls in, I come to life,

In this box I call my home.

Yet, in the night, awaiting death,

I fear I'll find it soon...

The sun, no more, will arouse

The dust inside this room.

But for today, I'll find my peace,

Among the dancing dust.

For, in the end, even steel

Slowly rots and rusts.

And as they say, from dust we came

To dust we shall return.

So fret no more, for daylight can't

Be found inside an urn.

"Daylight and Dust"

-Daniel Kinnunen, 2018

This poem is a reminder that, although our daily struggles may seem so important as we are going through them, they really are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Eventually, all of our problems will pass, just as we will pass on. From dust we have come and to dust we will all, one day, return. In the meantime, we should try and enjoy the simple moments. Watch the dust particles dance in the sun, forgetting for a moment that this is all we are, and enjoy the fact that you are able to contemplate such things. One day, when that final synapse fires and the heart stops beating, things like pain, boredom, sadness... they will all melt away.

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