Day of Reckoning Soon to Come

Updated on August 9, 2018
The Book of Revelation relates all that is to come. As a christian, I see many of the signs of its beginning and this will very soon be shown to the world. May God bless and save us, everyone.
The Book of Revelation relates all that is to come. As a christian, I see many of the signs of its beginning and this will very soon be shown to the world. May God bless and save us, everyone.

Throughout all of history, for the wicked, there is one special day,

Often to be called "The Reckoning", of their evil deeds, to repay.

The children hurt and torn from parents, are to be first on the list,

Placed in cages to imprison, as in each thought, love they missed.

Next in a long list of all the wrongs, Those who had lost their homes,

Forced to move without any rewards, losing their places of security.

Only that some have entertainment, and this put as their first priority,

No thought of ones who gave it all, only because of a great authority.

Next on the agenda was lands all robbed, as early settlers ran away,

So that the rich could be richer from oil, this continues so to this day.

The ugly filth taken from the earth, is a reminder of humanity's greed,

Every protest is to be covered up, no way for the wronged to succeed.

Please read Psalms 91, 92
Please read Psalms 91, 92

The terrible harm next to be reviewed, a dividing of racial harmony,

At every attempt more harm is done, the new ones, more scornfully.

A divided world cannot stand, is no peace then will ever to be found,

Only warring, the angry crowds, all of brethren are soon taken down.

Then changing of the laws, of ways all coexists, this satanic attempt,

No common man can so understand, and nothing once right, exempt.

The old ways of life, when all was content, all is now to be taken away,

Frustration rules, all is upset, a bad world looming, with each new day.

Instead of a once worldly agreement, peace and respect now are to flee,

Talk of wars and with violent protest, now raising ugly heads for all to see.

There has to be a day of reckoning, very soon, the God above us has told,

Is now to come, the wicked to be served, for those of evil intent, all so bold.

Please read or say Psalm 23.
Please read or say Psalm 23.


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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      2 years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

      Wonderful poetry with a strong message and warning.


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