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Day To Day Progress

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe

It's not

The boxes came tumbling down

Organizing takes time

Stacking is an art that should not go unnoticed

Where do you store the unthinkable?

Packing in all the unmentionables

Life long treasuries

They could be knick-knacks from a later date

Old pictures still in the frames

Lots of books when books were read with care and deep interest

Old tools that are still good

The never-ending search for lost time

A simpler place

I really love it

An honest frame of mind

Certain things make me happy

They trigger memories I have very much enjoyed

I am not ready to let them go

One day I will go on in great detail

Each object has a life of its own

Some people have a good bottle of scotch

A fine wine that has been aged for years

An antique car they have spent their life rebuilding

A hobby of trains or making models

Puzzles or hand-knitted clothes and blankets

Coin collecting or they could be a sports fanatic

Sports card collecting is a way of life

I have box after box of trinkets

Long before the computers were around

Cell phones were a dream far in the future

Where people only had home phones

They were all a boring black and not fancy

One day I will let all my trinkets go

That might be the day

You and I part ways

Not because of something either of us has said or done

It just the way life is

Nothing lasts forever

I will be looking for you once again

This time where people are only voices filled with the unlimited spirit

That will be the only thing that matters