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Dawn of Eve

An avid fan of film, anime, and video games. A critic, a Youtuber, and has an intense keenness for horror.

In the depths of evermore,

Here this light deters no more;

To the grim trimmed tomorrow

Harken its hiss, hissing draw.

Your face is the dawn of eve,

Like your beauty as like Eve

Broke your silence and ne’er bliss–

Be that gift, that unfold kiss.

“Wretch” I bellowed Seraphim!

To the God here thy lent you him!

By the angels sent me despites,

Within all of my respites!

To all seasons seasoning grief,

How you dear me with beliefs;

To the blood nailing Mary

Son and riches you merry!

Mere mellow swells that hurts me,

In sudden hustling sad sulk;

Pray no more, pray me no more!

To the last brood howl ne’er more!

© 2022 Neil Longno