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Daughter's Betrayal

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


My heart is wounded

But my eyes finally see the lies

Stringing me along

Before pulling the wool

And not even taking time

To watch me finally fall

A bitter cruelness

My soul trampled in the mud

A discarded page of an old book

Frayed and crumpled

Forgotten truth or convinced to lie

Doesn’t really matter

When you surrender control

Forgetting yourself

Submitting to the doctrine of another

Betrayal leaves you feeling

Empty and angry

Confidence on shaky ground

Weak in the knees

And self-questioning

Especially after you’ve sacrificed

Struggled at times

But you never knew

Gave every ounce of energy

When I had none to spare

Gone to bed hungry

So that you could eat

More times than I can count

Smiled when things were crashing

So you’d feel safe and secure

Even when they weren’t

Never left you stranded

Nor without change in your pocket

Or a roof and warm bed

Made hay under the shining sun

Magic found in a thrift store

Created experiences

When none previously existed

Not brand new, but just for you

Taught you honesty

But it didn’t seem to take

At least when it comes to me

Goodbye my love

Infinity no longer our journey

We’re no longer squared

Separate ways and different days

Wishful thinking

While you planned and schemed

Implied things would be fine

But you were just buying time

Everyone knew

Except me and mine

What you planned the entire time

The plans we made

Weren’t plans at all

Just a tactical way to stall

And when time abandoned you

The truth came

Or a version of the truth

Words still hanging

Bombs dropped in rapid succession

While you smiled

Then ran away

Thanks and goodbye

Or just goodbye

Or nothing at all

As I decipher the lies

I should have seen it in your eyes

The influencer’s grip

Leading you willingly

Deception and departing

My how things can change

A single night and day

Things were great

Now gone away

Took the money and ran

Ingrate with a polished speech

Dash away deceiver

Quickly, before logic seeps in

But take a moment

To bite the hand a little more

Savor the sweetness

The last supper

And now the void grows

Emptiness and sorrow

You always hurt the ones you love

And the ones you hate

Such selfishness

When you’ve been given so much

And taken even more

A single finger salute

Then out the door

I expected more

So much more….

© 2019 Ralph Schwartz

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