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Dashed Hope

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Tola, at Beach in Republic of Benin

Tola, at Beach in Republic of Benin

Recently she exudes high joy

Everyone in the neighborhood

Could see this in her face

They know that something

Is about to happen

Because she has not been like

This happy in the times

Past. Her grandfather asks

Her of what is happening to her

She told him of

The promise she has received

From the richest person around the island

Her life is about

To be changed forever

And grandpa should be happy

For her she enthused.

Grandpa replies that he

Is happy for her happiness but

She should not count her

Chicks before the eggs are

Hatched because the world is

Full of “ups and downs”, the

World is not a straightforward

Place. She replied that the

History heard about the

Richest one around shows that

He is straightforward and should

Be relied upon, when somebody

Comes across him, it is

Like coming across the gods.

Because he never fails

Whatever he promises to do

He surely will do it

The old ma sighed before

Talking. It is good to

Be promised by men

And what more by a

Reliable person whose integrity

Everyone around could attest to

Yet one should be cautious

On putting one’s entire trust

In man because anything could happen

I will share with you

A story about a man as

Shared with me by my parents

There was a man in this

Island who has a son.

His wife died

Shortly after given birth

To this son, leaving only

The man to take care of him


Late in the son’s teenage

Period he had a problem

Which defied all known solution in

The land. the son continued

In this position for about 15

Years until the father heard the news

Of a powerful spiritualist

Who has migrated to the

Neighboring island. He was

Counseled to contact the

Man for the people believed the

Spiritualist would definitely find

Solution to the nagging problem

Of the man’s son

The man went to the spiritualist

As advised and tabled

His son’s problem with him

He consulted his gods and they

Told him what to do

About the son’s plight

The things he would prepare

For the son would take him

Days before he could finish

Therefore, the man asks the father

Of the son to come

The following week. However,

The spiritualist died a day

Prior to the time that

The father would return to

Him. Sadly, he did not

Tell anyone about what

He was doing for the man

Assuming he had done that

Maybe his people would have

Given the man what he has

Prepared for his son.

When the father got to

The place and he met them

Mourning, on asking he

Discovered that it was the

Spiritualist who has died he

Cried and wailed saying his

Last hope has been

Dashed for he has put all

His trusts on the man

He returned to the island and

Tell the people about the demise

Of the powerful one, saying

Life does not worth living

Again, gods have not been

Fair on him and his son

The son too would have

Committed suicide because of

This for they became hopeless

Their hopes had solely been

On the man. About three years

After this when he has shifted his focus

From men alone, what they

Did not expect happen

Because the son was

Healed from his infirmities

By a small girl in

The island. God can use

Has been using and

Will continue to use

People for others but

When being promised like

This what one must not do

Is putting one’s trusts in humans

They may be sincere

To their promises but

They are mortals and

Can die anytime. Trust

God the more and

Prayerfully hope that

Those who promise you

Would neither disappoint nor die

The young woman thanked her

Grandpa for his words


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