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Darling Dance With Me

A life long pursuit and the results. Doctorates and experience sometimes do not mean much. Just listening is my expertise.

Who Holds Who?

Who would be the king?

Who would be the king?

Be Well My Love

There the old man was in his palatial yard. Putting his worn face to the sun. No great news of riches or health for the week. No great accomplishment. No new child born or new love was found. And yet the day was new, though waning in the winter sun and clouds. He had not survived another day and night before for no reason. Yet that reason was far beyond his understanding of reason.

Perhaps it was her gentle touch from one back of the hand to the other? Perhaps it was her wonderful morning breath caught in a single instant. Doubtful that it was the morning dew that he drank from from a cup for that reason for that was his normal habit.

He had sat for an hour before bed with his son studying the celestial with a moon to die for and yet that seemed no reason for the warmth of a summer day on a barren winter one.

In some moments he walked, nay, paced his office floor in search of reason for being elevated above himself. And then he went back to that breath and that ever so insignificant breath and so what was true. New love is a daily deal.

O’ my desire, I fell down hard today

Just my horse playing games on a sunny day

I would rather that I present clean and dry

But I am afraid that that bird has left the sky

Together we know that excursions are hard

And we know that sometimes I have no regard

Why do you boss me around as you do?

Is it because I am danger to you?

No darling just as I thought

A danger to you is my heart not made for your lot

If you be as a strawberry or a pearl of mine

I will endeavor forever to ride that fine line

You are gone for just mere moments and, and and!

I try but cannot come to a safe and secure land.

Please my love stay more close to me

Do of what you will to be you and me be me

Tough When You Have A Precious Treasure

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