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Darkness and Death Surround Me (Prose & Poetry)

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


My Poetry Themes

Sadness, darkness, love, and life, these seem to be my common themes for my poems. In the last poem, I wrote about complete and fulfilling love, and I thought I would write my next article with a totally different theme. I thought I would write an article instead of a poem. However, thoughts of life seem to block my view from writing informational pieces, and I seem stuck with my common themes in poetry.

Darkness and death are the theme of this poem. In this poem, I attempt to explain how my life has been for me through childhood up until now. I think you will see that it tells the story of that undying part of me that I am. No matter if I’m in love, or even have happy days, I always drift back to my dark place that through the years has become my best friend in an odd way.

I do think today that I have rallied out of it a great bit, but it will unfailingly remain a big part of me. I will always have days of dire need to leave, to rest, to stop fighting. Yes, that is a dark way to look at life. Nevertheless, it was my way of life for so long that it is pointless to ignore that about myself. I have always had this invisible bubble around me that has outcast me and made me different. I tend not to fight that fact anymore. Poetry has become my way to deal with it, and to actually love myself for all the darkness that comes with being Missy.


I Am Dark

My days are dark

no matter how

bright the sun

shines through my


And I walk in the

Path of others as

they secretly judge

with innuendos.

It’s been this way

for me all my life

pretending not to

notice I’m always

the outcast.

It’s made it hard

for me to be happy

I’m stuck in this place

of continuance and


I try diligently to carry

on, but death is such

an alluring song.

It sings all the words

I relate to, a play list

of songs that most

misfits flip repeat


Sway, sway, to the

monotone rhythm

of my life, as I walk

through the valley of

my human plight.

Why is it some days

I hear death beckoning

my name; come, come,

come with me, it's

peaceful here, I will

set you free.


I Am Death

A long, a long, oh such

a long time ago, I was

a shy little girl, in

her own dark world.

Why can’t I speak out

I’d scream from inside?

I’m really confused, can

I not just die…

cry, cry, but on the

inside I weep, because

nobody cares, I’m not

even seen.

Bullies surround in

all different forms;

they are little; they

are big; some claim

to be reborn.

Darkness cast its

Spell on me long

ago, I travel through

a portal with no real


The only place this

struggle shall seize,

is in the depths

of a fire that's

cremating me.

When I’m ash, and

flesh no more. The

hard truth is I’ll leave

as I came; a sad mess

of no remains.


© 2015 Missy Smith

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