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Darkness - a Poem for the Prompt: Friend

Genevieve is a aspiring poet and writer who loves to read. Book recommendations are encouraged! All genres welcome


When we emerged from the sea,

we weren’t greeted with sun-kissed beaches.

Instead stern cliff faces towered

over the shingled pebbles,

the only solace one lonely egress.

The cavernous emptiness echoes, silence

as we brave the dark, till unity splinters.

I light my candle in solitude and plod forwards,

as other whiz past forming a kind of blur.

Sometimes I wonder what happened,

to those who hurried before me, did they

find the light they were searching for,

or did they fade and fail, somewhere along the way.

And one by one we scatter and disperse,

Taking all we can, but forgetting

the promises we made along the way.

And even deeper in, eyes hide behind

ornate bejewelled masks,

luring in unsuspecting travellers,

who teeter too close to the edge.

Lights become few and far between,

desperately trying to find their own exit,

but maybe there is no exit, and

we’ve been going around in circles.

Maybe someday someone, will be content to plod

along with me, sharing our lights to expand our horizons.

Together our lights, could be much more than the dark,

and we could finally see our faces,

and what we’ve become.

But until then, we’ll keep stumbling,



© 2019 Genevieve Brooks