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Darkness Turned into Light- Now What You Perceive


This morning
After evening
Observing this light
And colors fight
From dark turning light
Beautiful voice of pee cock
Covering the dreadful sound of clock
Sorry for disturbing beautiful parrots!
Hey my bunny! Need some carrots?
Why are these parrots so disturb? In cage
To see these sparrows, crows, eagles, uncage?
This morning and injustice makes them gloomy
Morning, trees, cold air, beautiful memories of flying, make them gloomy
Injustice of every human and law
Makes oppressor high and humanity low
Morning reveals every injustice and ill usage
And night gives oppressor darkness to ill usage
In morning all are pious and pilgrimage
At night all become dark as their real image


© 2020 Zanbia Ali


Adnan from Earth, Universe on March 26, 2020:

I loved the gradual fall and smooth rhyming of your verse...collaborating multiple metaphors and thoughts in one meaning...A really nice write and pretty in description. Thanks for sharing...!!!

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