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Dark journey

Cornelius Nolitta, Italian writer, published books: L'Anima Scritta; Arcanum. Available on Amazon.


I was swimming in a dark fluid.
An enveloping, suffocating darkness.
Every movement was fatigue.
Simply breathe an agony.
As in a limbo without sounds or sensations.
In this sticky nothing, the only way out is inside me.
A journey into the most hidden of me.
A dark journey, made of broken hopes, joys, sorrows, mysterious mysteries and secrets never revealed.
Each stage of the journey is like the vibrating note emitted by a sinister violin.
I soon realize that the more I walk, the more hope of finding an exit.
Needless to toss and turn.
Dark absorbs everything.
The more I get upset, the more I get stuck.
Strait in every part. Smothered.
And yet I don't let go, I hold on to life.
I continue the fight in search of a simple smile.
Of a fulfillment even if fleeting, but that makes life worth living.

© 2019 Cornelius Nolitta