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Dark Shadow of the Patience - Response to Word Challenge

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For the 'Week 44 - word challenge', the word challenging our creative faculties is 'Patience' given by Brenda Arledge, our fellow writer in hubpages. She is continuously keeping us creatively engaged by challenging us every week giving us a seed for producing our creative content. I am now responding to this word challenge by composing this poem that I have conceived based on the story of a girl who was patiently waiting for her boyfriend but he did not come back for her or could not come back due to some compelling reasons or was actually not in love with her contrary to her expectations and the poem depicting all this has obviously a sad ending.

However, seeing to the positive side of it we can very well say that a person can even live under that shadow of waiting and patience exhibited by him or her in that matter or relationship. Waiting endlessly for anything is a test of patience only but that does not mean that one has accepted defeat from one's destiny. Life can be carried forward even under that shadow.

Failures and setbacks in relationships are a common phenomenon and that affects the individual also and many times could trigger depressive tendencies in them. It is obvious that the individual has to forget the past and come out of the old memories and chart a new path in one's life. Still, the shadow of old memories haunt people time and again and one has to manage that and overcome the depressive bouts.

Dark shadow of the patience

I was his childhood friend and we were studying in the same class,

He was a tall and young boy and I was a girl wearing a myopic glass.

He played so many sports and participated in tournaments,

While I fancied indoor games and other subtle entertainments.

He was intelligent and good in his studies and talked less.

I was a mediocre girl in studies and talked more and was careless.

We all went for camps and outings and played games on holidays,

We were growing up and were going to theatre movies and plays.

I was fascinated with his ways manners and behaviour.

He was so respectful so graceful and was my lovely dear.

He was friendly with everyone but gave me a special place,

I was able to read it in his eyes in those piercing blaze.

We grew up together and then chose our careers and went our own ways,

He became an executive in a big company and I was pursuing my computer craze.

I loved him but could not express my feelings and my emotional bend,

I was simply waiting patiently for initiation from his end.

We were in constant touch and chatted regularly,

He always talked about his childhood days which were so lovely.

I was patient enough and waiting for the signal of love from him,

He chatted everything with me except showing his attraction to me.

I could not understand whether he was testing me or testing my patience,

But I had no other go except waiting for his expected future presence.

Slowly our connections diminished and chats decreased,

Finally, they were limited only to the Christmas and New year greets.

It was sad and brought a wind of sorrow with it rattling my house fence,

I am still living in the dark shadow of the ambience of that patience.

Take that - Patience

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