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Dark Hearts: A Poem on Racism

Martin Luther once said, “I have a dream,”

A dream that white and black will hold hands.

America declares that this fantasy has been fulfilled,

And lately we’ve been caring less about racism and more about clothing brands.

Why don’t we care less about American Eagle and more about being equal,

Can’t you see that America’s got so far to go?

Until we can truly accept that there is a racial gap,

That chasm will continue to grow.

Sunny July day and Philando Castile was pulled over,

The cop asked him licence and registration please?

Before he knew it he had 7 bullets to the chest,

Forced to leave his daughter without a daddy just reaching for his ID.

Central park jogger was a wealthy white woman,

Raped, beaten, almost dead.

Her case was horrible, police wanted it to come to an end,

So they forced some black boys to confess, they got in their head.

We’ve been blaming blacks for white mistakes,

Making them do the heavy lifting, while whites take the heavier pay.

They’ve got dark skin but we have dark hearts,

Is America really going to see equality one day?

On day six God created all his children,

Wanted them all to be treated equal, DNA 99.9% the same.

He blessed us with uniqueness,

We took that and said being black should bring shame.

We think that slavery was ended because of the thirteenth,

Nobody knows the real truth.

But we still work 60,000 modern slaves,

And 26 percent of those souls are youth.

We pollute the world with prejudiced thoughts,

If skin wasn’t seen and you were judged by your heart.

All those who hate others would be black,

What will it take to get a new start?

With all this racism the sky’s getting dark,

Hatred and bitterness isn’t an art.

All people should step out in love,

Personality, not race, is what sets us all apart.


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