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Echoes of the Past

Life can be a great teacher if you are willing to learn. However such education demands a great deal of faith.


Echoes of the past

I heard a faint voice calling
Like repeated echoes, much calmer and softer though
Who might it be,I wander
Calling at this hour of the night?

Soon the curtains raised a mild disturbance
As if,a wave of whispers have started
The windows clapped,the knocker rattled,the bell rang
Am I terrified?

I could feel a restless storm in my veins
Blood rushed, heart danced wildly
Guess my pupils dialated too,not sure though
Then again,how can I be sure of anything now?

The adrenaline invaded,
My nerves tingled,senses elevated
And then the faint voice rose again
Whispered echos into my ear,
Echoes of my past,
A terrifying past.

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