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Dare To Do What Hasn't Been Done Before

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To Be The First

Early attempts have met with little success

I hear the whistle blowing in my head

Try this

Do that

It might just work

I ask around and nobody has seen anything like it

I look on line and still come up with nothing

I google search everything on the subject

Thousands and thousands of answers

As I dig deeper I am also getting hooked

I can feel the urge grow even stronger

To come up with an idea

To develop the idea

That can help so many

Who to tell

What to do next

I listen ads that just try to sell you something

Buy something

I have a creative approach to an old problem

I have to be careful not to let the cat out of the bag

Give it away before I am ready

I will say this everyone can use this

It's affordable


The time has come for me to go farther

Squeezing in a little time in the day

To rewrite my thoughts

As many different ways possible

To express interest

To show dedication

If this works how can I apply what I have learned for other people

Am I on to something big ?

Is it only a dream ?

I am reading how companies develop their ideas

More reading

More learning

I can sit on this idea for years

I can make a working model

Using patience as a guide

This is so unlike my profession

So to document my progress for other people to see

To do a things to do list daily

To watch progress and failures become one of the same

How many people have come up with good ideas ?

That they wished they followed through

To only see a version of their idea come out years later

Why didn't they continue what they wanted to do ?

Afraid ?

You bet

Scared ?

What people will say ?

What will family and friends think ?

I can't do this alone

This idea takes a team of people

They all have to be interested

Be willing to put time in the idea

As little as ten minutes a day

The hard part is ???

Almost every day

This keeps the dream alive

No money involved just time

Time is money isn't it ?

So what are we talking about ?

Then maybe a year or two from now

We will see

It would be nice that we could all benefit from our efforts

What if it bombs ?

All this time wasted

Was it worth it ?

I am not so sure ?

Will it lead to something greater ?


Well for now just thinking out loud

Sharing my hidden thoughts

See what other feel or think

Testing the waters

The water looks calm now

If the wind picks up and the waves get high

A storm might be brewing

It might pass as quickly as it comes

I shared my idea with my wife

She said that's nice

I don't want nice

I want something I can sink my teeth into

An aha moment

I have seen the shark tank

Inventors sharing their ideas on t.v.

What if you have what it takes ?

You are not in debt or put your whole life on the line

Just trying to develop a dream

One that talks to you when you are sleeping

Looks at you straight in the eye when you are awake

What's your take ?

A poem of passion

That drives our mind wild

Like a first love

Breaks are heart from the start

Will we stay together forever

Only time will tell

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