Dangerous RHYMES

Updated on November 8, 2017

Dangerous Minds

She earned it

LOUANNE JOHNSON is a discharged marine.
Applies to a job where she is teaching.
Teaching a job in high school.
She offered the job in high school.
She gets hired and goes to class.
introduces herself to the misfit class.
She runs out and asks.
Why she wasn't informed of the tough class.
The class showed her no respect day 1.
The next day she decided to have fun.
She dressed up for the occasion.
Won over the class with a simple solution.
Yet, the class still was tough.
The task to teach them was very rough.
She gained much confidence.
The next day was much more different.
The kids are still a bit edgy.
LouAnne continues using.
Using themes and language they want to hear.
She gave them all A's to begin the year.
She tells them they must maintain it.
She learned she needed a method.
So she used their improper language.
Just so they can correct it.
She introduced them to poetry.
Using Bob Dylan's poetry.
Teaching symbolism and metaphor.
While EMILIO RAMIREZ engages more.
Her method angered authorities.
But it seemed to be working.
Students come to LouAnne for advice.
In the halls is a big school fight.
That LouAnne happens to break up.
She then goes to a rough.
A rough neighborhood for RAUL RANCHERO.
Informing his parents of what they didn't know.
She tells them that he's a good student.
While the class thinks she got them suspended.
Emilio speaks up for LouAnne.
The class then follows because he's the man.
They all get involved.
Emilion is the only one that will solve.
So he helps like she helped Raul.
She wants these kids to stay in school.
She took them to the theme park.
Authorities were amused that she was a huge part.
A huge part of whipping them into shape.
She made sure they loved the place.
LouAnne discovers Emilion's life is in danger.
A personal thug has put his life in danger.
Emilio leaves the school one day.
& that thug puts him away.
He is killed. LouAnne is outraged.
Mad that another student is in the grave.
She laments and says she's leaving school.
The students beg her to stay to the school.

Michelle Pfeiffer
LouAnne Johnson
Renoly Santiago
Raul Sanchero
Wade Dominguez
Emilion Ramirez

John Smith


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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