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Dancing With the Spirits--So Real It Seemed


As I walked down a familiar country road,

My heart felt as if it carried a heavy load.

No love in sight for only me,

My heart was sadly free.

It was twilight, and the lightning bugs were

flitting in the shadows,

The time young lovers would secretly meet,

and, in yonder field I could see some people dancing,

also there were others---who had stopped to greet.


It was an unbelievable sight,

And if I am honest---it was a fright,

To see soldiers dressed in blue and grey, as they

danced the waltz of the Grand March Medley---

as North and South intertwined,

The ladies long gowns made of silk, and Chantilly Lace

flowed and swayed with the music, and as I looked

down, I wore a gown and it was---so fine.

A soldier in blue bowed and took my hand, we swirled,

and danced,

Then he bowed and I did a curtsy, then off he pranced.

Then came a soldier in grey,

He walked my way,

He bowed then took my hand and we floated in the

moonlight as we danced to the---Soldier's Joy Medley,

It was the waltz of young lovers he said, and we danced

as the fiddlers played, at the end--- he said my name

is Edley.

A very tall, thin man dressed in brown,

Filled a cup from the punch bowl, and then turned


Then, gave it to a short lady--- he called, “Mother” and the

man was honest Abe,

He seemed sweet and kind, but his face was drawn in

worry, so he appeared plain, this did not matter, that

he was not a babe.

My President


But he was my favorite President of our USA,

And, as I was still dancing and wondering if all

this was true, but my brain said “No-Way.”

Had I suffered a stroke, was I without hope?

The soldier read my mind and shook his head “Nope.”

Then a carriage appeared pulled by two black horses

all shiny and clean,

And a most handsome man got out—so tall and lean.

His blue eyes glowed in the shadows, and he had a mustache,

that part was clear,

He smiled and his dimples were deep concaves and he said

ever so softly “Scarlett, are you ready my Dear”?

His full lips so close to mine,---- so sinfully near.

I look down at my gown of Irish green---- so much material

and it made me ponder how I would get----- in the carriage,

His strong arms surrounded me, and as he lifted me, gown

and all---- he whispered, “Tomorrow, there will be a marriage.”

A nurse in white—tried to shake me awake—she said--it is

time for your meds-- and I replied,

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Why don’t you leave now—before my dream is over---

just please scram.

Dreams are Our Nightly Entertainment

Dreams are our own private movie show at night and the zenith is I dream in color. And sometimes I dream in continuation, and these nightly wonders stay with me through the day.

President Lincoln is my favorite president because he cared for all people. May we all have interesting dreams that stay with you during the day so you can bisect them. Sometimes, it helps you to solve the reason you had the dream.

May your dreams always make you happy leaving you feeling great through the daytime.

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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