Updated on November 2, 2017

Even the Score

ROBERT McCall lives a quiet life.
Living the way his deceased wife.
Before she died he promised her.
That he would leave that life of danger.
He was a CIA ops operative.
Now lives his life as a regular native.
He got a job at a local store.
Befriending his workers and more.
One night, he meets ALINA.
A young girl that is in danger.
She is forced to live a life of untruth.
Working for Russians as a prostitute.
Meanwhile, he lends a helping hand.
Helping RALPH to be a security man.
Later that night he sees ALINA again.
& notice that the Russians.
The Russians had abused her.
She didn't want to tell but he saw her.
One night, while he walked with Alina.
A car pulls up and takes Alina.
They then leave McCall their card.
He later finds that she was hit hard.
He finds that she is hospitalized.
Goes and is informed of who put her inside.
So this one time, he decides to go back.
Killing the Russians that attacked.
The next day he goes to work.
Ralph sees the value in his hard work.
He guarantees he will a guard.
While TEDDY RENSEN searches hard.
Renson doesn't search long.
He knows that the killer is McCall.
He goes to McCall's home.
Finds the truth that is unknown.
Rensen setting him up.
but McCall made it very tough.
McCall then gets more information.
He finds the real ID of Jensen.
He finds his real name is Nicholi.
Then finds that he is a dangerous guy.
He confronts the corrupt policeman.
Who is working with Tom Rensen?
He destroys a laundering scheme.
Then convinces the cop to do the right thing.
Renson and McCall are now faced to face.
With hopes to stop this disgrace.
Renson says no he's not doing it.
He then gets his men and holds hostage.
He holds hostage the store.
Calls McCall to the store.
He and Rensen battle.
But Renson loses the battle.

Denzel Washington
Robert McCall
Marton Csokas
Teddy Rensen
Chloe Moretz
Johnny Scroutis

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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