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Dancing With the Wind

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


When the first thaws,

bring silver white rivulets,

when the first warm breezes,

begin to whisper to me –

I want to dance with the wind.

Dance with the wind,

to welcome the spring,

to find the way back,

to skies of blue,

white clouds drifting by

and the sun with rays so warm.

When rivers flow freely,

having broken the chains of winter,

when seas start rushing to sun drenched shores,

my feet begin tapping

and I want to go dancing with the wind.

To swing and twirl.

in meadows full of wildflowers,

to wave to the birds on wing

and happily sing of spring.

To go dancing with the wind,

along the seashore,

hear the cries of gulls flying by,

bringing back the carefree days

and knowing that soon summer will come along,

meanwhile enjoying all the beauty –

dancing with the wind.

© 2019 Gypsy Rose Lee

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