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Dancing Willows in The Light

Donna is a lifelong poet and author, she shares her love of God, and in helping others draw near to Him so all can be saved!


Music by Michael W Smith - Poem Inspiration - Video courtesy of HubofWorship channel

Dancing Willows in the Light

Look all around you, tell me what do you see
The moon, the stars, the ocean, and the sea
Whispering willows that dance in the falling rain
Autumn leaves fall to the earth, giving God His due praise

The new moon rises, the glow kisses my cheek
Makes me think about God, His love, joy, and peace
Twilight shines in the horizon ending another day
The breath of God blows gently calling out my name

The beauty swirls all around me, it cleanses my soul
Gives me tremendous peace, with abounding hope
That life is wonderful, as He fills my heart with love
The breath of God is spoken from the heavenly throne above

He sweetly whispers in my ear and holds me close to His side
Carries me when troubles get too much, comforts me when I cry
There is no love greater than His, nothing could compare
When the breath of God whispers gently for all those who want to hear

Dancing willows in the light singing of love and peace
Sweet melodies call my name as I rise from my knees
Give due praise for God’s love reigns in heaven and in earth
The breath of God gives you life, treasures your new birth

The Lord gave us Jesus to light our walk with God
Give all that you must give as your heart stands in awe
The breath of God blows gently whispering sweet melodies
Praise His Holy Name for time and all eternity…


"Let me paint you a picture - with words"

Thank you Lord for the gift of writing poetry!

— Donna Rayne

© 2019 Donna Rayne

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