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Dancing Shadows

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Dancing in the shadows

stomping her feet to be heard

twisting in the wind

and burying the past.

Leaving behind the negative

and looking forward to

the things that are positive.

Dancing with the shadows

letting her hair flow

down her back and

getting lost in the darkness

that is surrounding them.

Dancing toward the shadows

giving away her heart

and losing her soul

to the one who

stands beside her.

Dancing for the shadows

allowing them to have her

whispering in the ear

of the one she has

lost herself for and

wondering what she'll do

when the morning comes.

Dancing away from the shadows

hoping for a new beginning

praying it will come.

Quickly wondering how to

regain the light within

her life and experience

things as they are

meant to be experienced.

Dancing just to be dancing

expecting nothing in return

getting less than she

has ever really given.

Experiencing what it is

like to be truly alone.


© 2020 Emily