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Dance in Your Struggle. Celebrating my 12th Anniversary on Hub Pages

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Introduction by Manatita

Struggle helps us to grow. We do not see this, as we live in body-consciousness. We are souls and all that happens, carry life-lessons for the progression of the soul. As to Mother earth, she just does her thing as she, too, is a pawn in a much larger game of Kings and Queens, all as a projection of the One who weaves it all. Strive to be happy. Salaam.


Dance in Your Struggle

One must feel the pain of thorns, before

Being transformed into roses; be a mess of

Malleable clay in the hands of the Potter,

Before being woven into a beautiful vase.

If you must, then bathe in the flames of desire,

Knowing that sooner or later, you will burn in

The cauldron of the Alchemist, eager to mold

Your Spirit, into that of an enduring solitude.

Sing! Sing the song of ignorance on rooftops,

Throw the dice of avarice and ego, ‘cross mountains

And valleys, casinos and dark corridors, knowing

That nothing is free, that the laws of ‘cause and effect’,

Will inevitably uncoil around you, like a deadly mamba.

One must feel the pain of adversity, before the

Dim-lit candle that she carries, paves a path in

The darkness; suffer the scars of both victory and

Defeat, before recognizing that they are both imposters.


Love never leaves! She just hides in the shadows --,

On the smiles of infants, as well as cute cats purring

Away, in the loyalty and devotion of dogs that follow us

More faithfully, than our own children. She dries the tears in

Our Hearts and kisses our cheeks; lies in the beauty and miracle

Of braids done so elegantly, as if to dine with peacocks and swans.

And yes, She hides in the dark shades of war, even as our

Children and grandchildren suffer the casualties of predators

Like buccaneers, lurking for spoils – for assets to defile, and

Stolen diamonds to feed the hunger for power and attachments.

Dusk never misses the sunrise, and neither does the

Night the sunset, as it knows that the moon and stars

Will both glisten on its robes; that the virgin dawn will

Decorate its caverns; illuminate an illustrious path to daybreak.

And the birds will sing, even as some are still staggering

Home from bad dreams and torn emotions, appealing

To the breeze for solace; hold monologues with loneliness,

Searching for answers in this illusionary realm of shadows.

One must feel the fear of death, in order to know the

Joys of life. Be the foundation of the building, messy, yet

Filled with fortitude, knowing that you will one day glimmer

In the glory of a Taj Mahal, shining with the opulence of Heaven.

So drink! Hold the poisoned Chalice of insecurity and

Do what you must, knowing that the Master Weaver is

With you, in your very breath of breaths, weaving another

Effulgent tapestry of Light, to glorify your grandeur.

Dance, in your struggle! Even as the good bacteria in your blood, like

A vaccine, wage a constant war against foreign intrusions, to preserve life.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 27th October, 2021


Wisdom from the Master

“Adversity makes you dynamic.
Adversity endow you
With faith in yourself.” - Sri Chinmoy

On Struggle

© 2021 manatita44

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