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Writing is a cathartic process in which I find my voice in different facets of each poem. Poetry, is a unique discourse of reflections


Damnation, my soul screams
all the trouble, all the bullshit
my soul, my heart, my strength
my shame, my damnation

Cry, cry out sorrow
hell is my cell
damnation, damnation
condemn the righteous
my place, no place

Up lift the heart, shatter the illusion
misconceptions rooted deceptions
bind by hate, consumed by

Vengeance vehemently

Contradictions surround me

In my power, I control destiny
damnation my soul screams
the damn don't know

What I’m speaking about

Fire and brimstone,

I walk through hunger,

I eat poverty I digest despair
I crave victory, I thirst for retribution
I eat the dust I come from
I am the dust I was formed from

Shout my dissatisfaction
triumphant, viciously

Tracing steps I’ve never taken,

Stumbling blocks in my path
creating a diversion

To a spiritual revelation
epiphany opens

The gate to salvation
washing the blood stains

from my skin
hollow eyes sunken in,

Ghost of horror seen within

Damnation, castration
cut away my thoughts
bury my feelings,

Purge my guilt
grave not deep enough,

Yet deep plentiful

Awaken the anguish,

Free the despair
loosen the chains that

Strangle my spirit
damnation, what

Of creation,

What of justification

There's freedom,

Not all are free
here's bondage standing

Next to me
beneath are the

Lies fed with honey


Shadows my existence
grief runs through my veins
windows, doors will not open

Sealed with my tears

There is an answer

To prayers,

Mine are never heard
I can shriek, no one

Will care
they'll only look through

Me if I wasn't there
damnation life is, damnation

I've been condemned to

Free Verse Poetry

© 2022 ek ellis

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